Microsoft Learn

  • Build applications with Azure DevOps
  • Evolve your DevOps practices
  • Manage resources in Azure
  • AZ-104: Prerequisites for Azure administrators
  • Azure fundamentals


DevOps, Azure, Cloud

  • “Microsoft Azure Developer: Implement Azure Functions”, Mark Heath
  • “Microsoft Azure Developer: Web Jobs”, Matt Milner
  • “Developing with .NET on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started”, Matt Milner
  • “Learning Azure Cosmos DB”, Leonard Lobel
  • “Azure Event Hubs for .NET Developers: Fundamentals”, Thomas Claudius Huber
  • “Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Azure DevOps: Managing Builds”, Marcel de Vries


  • “Your First Day with Windows PowerShell”, Jeff Hicks
  • “PowerShell: Getting Started”, Michael Bender


  • “Extending XAML Applications With Behaviors”, Brian Noyes
  • “Advanced Reusable Styles and Themes in WPF”, Keith Harvey
  • “Introduction to WPF Custom Controls”, Brian Lagunas
  • “WPF Data Binding in Depth”, Brian Noyes
  • “WPF MVVM in Depth”, Brian Noyes
  • “WPF Productivity Playbook”, Brian Noyes
  • “Introduction to Prism for WPF”, Brian Lagunas
  • “Code Contracts”, John Sonmez
  • “Inversion of Control”, John Sonmez
  • “Microsoft Fakes Fundamental”, Cooper, Belcham
  • “Enterprise Library Overview”, John Sonmez


  • “Android Apps with Kotlin: ViewModel and Lifecycle”, Jim Wilson


  • “Introduction to F#”, Oliver Sturm
  • “Introduction to Node.js”, Paul O’Fallon